Gypsum Branch Library, Eagle Valley Library District

Bruce Flynn was Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture partner-in-charge and design partner

The Town of Gypsum and the Eagle Valley Library District jointly developed this library to enhance services that had long outgrown the 4,000sf library in Town Hall where popular youth and children’s programs occupied nearly all of the activity and collections space.

The new 10,000sf library completes a civic complex with a recreation center and town hall and seeks to reinforce the historic western ranching roots of this community.  A very modest budget of $170/sf , including site, guided the team to search for “best value” in every decision; yet the finished product has a permanence and quality that both clients are very proud of.

The ranching architecture places adult collections and support spaces in the green “farmhouse” while children and youth activities are in the red “barn” and “silo”.  A community room is designed for public art display and opens to the connecting “breezeway” for community events.

  • Location: Gypsum, CO
  • Cost: $1.8 Million – building & site
  • Contractor: RA Nelson, Eagle County, CO
  • Completion: 2011
  • Duration: 12 months


Charlyn Canada, EVLD Director


Jeff Shroll, Town Manager of Gypsum

970. 524-7514