Federal Way Community Center

In 2004, Bruce led a preliminary needs and site location study for recreation facilities in this growing community near Tacoma.  Outreach to an ethnically diverse community was a significant objective to the study.  The selected site is adjacent a city park home to vibrant schedule of regional soccer and softball tournaments; and this facility was envisioned as a compliment to community development.

The 78,000sf center is tucked into the wooded site with lobby views and lounge space opening to the rich northwest setting while bringing daylight in from a south facing beacon.  A large three court gym accommodates multiple users and after hours events.   The sunlight atrium features a climbing wall and fitness mezzanine with views to the pools.  A generous lap swim and leisure pool components balance active use spaces.

A large community wing holds numerous class and studio spaces, children’s facilities and a community room for up to 400.  The community space flows onto a patio with views to Mt. Rainer and a sloping amphitheater for seasonal performances.  This center has set a new standard for community recreation in the Seattle metro area.